Easy and economical cotton nappies with waterproof covers that really work! Ecobots is one of NZ's oldest cloth nappy brands, loved by 1000's of Kiwi families. Find out for yourself what makes Ecobots so good!
Have you thought about using cloth nappies but found the variety of different styles and constructions overwhelming?
Perhaps you tried some cheapies that didn't work?
Don't Give Up! Ecobots cloth nappies are simple, natural, easy, effective and economical!
The Ecobots cloth nappy system includes a pure cotton pre-fold nappy - layers and layers of cotton all sewn together into a rectangle with extra absorbency in the middle.

No origami or pins required and no chemicals sitting against your baby's absorbent skin. Also great for babies who are allergic to microfleece and microfibre.
The nappy sits inside a waterproof but breathable cover. This has double elastic around the legs to prevent sideways leaks and elastic at the back to deal with the messy stuff that happens there (you know what I mean!).
The inside of the cover is wipeable, that means it does not need to be washed with every change.
The system also includes an optional paper liner that sits on top of the nappy to catch the solids. The liners are flushable and biodegradable and make washing a lot easier and more pleasant!
The Ecobots system is one of NZ's oldest cloth nappy options, loved by 1000's of New Zealand families.

Both our covers and nappies are manufactured to hospital standards which means they will go the distance through several children - yes, these nappies are a genuine investment!
Not only will they save you money on a weekly basis, but children in cloth often toilet train much earlier (because they feel when they are wet), saving more money!
And you get to feel really good about doing something for the environment.
"Hi there, I'm onto my second baby, and second time round with the Ecobots. What a god send, they are just the best and to be using them again for baby #2 is just wonderful, the money we are saving is amazing! Thanks guys!" - Lee, Wellington.

We know that once you try Ecobots you will be back for more! Visit or email us at

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Nappy Obsession

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