For babies & kids under 5 years old

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Big Bed Bumper

Big Bed Bumper

Big Bed Bumper is the safe and stylish way to stop your child falling out of bed!

It’s a long foam wedge with a non-slip texture that has been specially designed to fit securely under a fitted sheet and stay in place whilst your child is sleeping.

It is so simple to fit, no screws, clamps, poles or hard edges!

If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional bed rails/guards - Big Bed Bumper is the one for you. It is 100% safe, 100% simple and 100% NZ. It's also less expensive and more attractive!

Big Bed Bumper = a good night’s sleep for all of the family.

Priced at just $35.95 buy one now from or email us at for more information.

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Houdini Door

Houdini Door

Do you have a young child that constantly comes out of their room at bedtime? Do you want to keep your child out of another room such as the toilet, office or baby's room? Want to stop that bedtime nightly visitor? Here's your solution! A Houdini door is a device that you fit to your door frame. Click on the blue link above for more information.

Houdini Cosy

Houdini Cosy

The Houdini Cosy is the best tool for ensuring those blankets stay on during the night and during chilly stroller outings. The Houdini Cosy keeps its user warm and snug. It keeps the bed or cot blankets securely in place and when out walking the Houdini Cosy stops the blankets slipping off. Great for cots, single beds, bunk beds, strollers and wheelchairs. Click on the blue link above for more information.